Remember when…?

A lot of my memory prior to the present period in my life is usually repressed so far back in time that I forget its existence. For example I’m in college now, so the past four years (to some extent) are the most vivid of memories I have of my life, to be quite honest, this past year is probably the most vivid because they are things from 2008 that are mere blurs to me now. I guess it’s obvious I have a memory problem.

I usually feel some kind of way when I see friends who are photographers for example and they have baby pictures of them holding cameras and put it up on Facebook with captions like “It was destiny” or “photographer out the womb” etc etc. When I try to apply that to my design life, there are no pictures of me on a computer at 3 or with a ruler and x-acto at 5…so is this what I’m supposed to be doing?

Well today I had a flash back to my life before SCAD (college) and I realised that I’ve always been surrounded by creativity and design. My dad (a Pratt graduate) works and has worked in Advertising all of my life. For those of you who don’t know, advertisers don’t sleep, they don’t have regular 9 to 5 jobs and they spend countless over-time hours in the office or studio or with a client. As a result, as a child, I spent countless hours in the office, or studio or with a client. Back in the days when I had to depend on my parents for transportation, my dad would drop and pick me up from school because we both went to work/school about an hour away from where we lived. As a result I practically called Mc Cann (where he worked) home. I remember when Mac’s Apple was rainbow coloured engraved within the computer and they used a serif typeface. I remember when everything was saved on a floppy disk, I remember playing Prince of Persia and dying countless times on those swords that would be sticking up out the ground for no reason at all. I remember when the Adobe Illustrator icon was Venus. I remember critiquing work and giving my opinion on how something should look or sound. I remember being part of Focus Groups for children ads.

Back then I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just impatiently waiting for my dad to finish work so we could go home. I was told many times by “our” co-workers “Never get into Advertising” and I will always reply with sort of disgusted look on my face “Oh never!” Now here I am studying design and while I still have no desire to do Advertising ever… I can’t help but think how those experiences helped shape the desire for design today. I remember when…

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