I haven’t slept in over 30 hrs so here goes…

I decided to pull an all nighter for absolutely no reason at all and as a result, on this here “Valentine’s Day” I am exhausted, grumpier than I would be considering the day and feel the need to write a new post.

SN: I went to see ‘The Vow’ with my female friend…worst decision ever…the movie wasn’t worth seeing in the cinema.

Back on track, I managed to make it through a rather exhausting and work packed day. I tok care of all of my responsibilities as student, RA, CA and friend and still am in my bed before 9p.m. which in itself is a monumental feat!

One of my classes today was Publication Graphics, and I’ve been working on this magazine focusing on Caribbean social activities, events, etc within Atlanta. I’ve been struggling with my design simply because I have nothing to base it on and I am creating this concept from scratch. In addition, the design should portray what the magazine is about; the merging of the Caribbean within the city of Atlanta. My dilemma then is to NOT be cliché and yet still represent the Caribbean in a way that would be noticeable to an American.  Do I then make my target audience a bit more concentrated on Caribbean people and try to identify with them and ignore the American audience? Or do I create a new cliché, a new standard or representation of “Caribbean”? Stay tuned…I will post the final outcome.


Happy Singles’ Awareness Day! (This was awesome btw http://www.google.com )

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