It’s been a while and I have a lot to say.

Haven’t had a moment to myself long enough to write, but now I don’t feel to work on my magazine so I see that as an opportunity to procrastinate and let some things off my mind. I think this blog is like my own little Pensieve (Harry Potter reference), for those of you who have never read the books (or watched the movies) the Pensieve is a thing used to store thoughts or memories that you can then view and reenact at a later time…hence why I chose to use that to describe this blog (at least today’s post). But anyway, enough about HP. These past 2 weeks have been intense and project-filled and time consuming. This Winter Quarter is almost over and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been living in my school staying up till the wee hours of morning working on projects. I am exhausted!

Last week I took “a break” from my work to attend some awesome events at my school. Steff Geissbuhler did a lecture on what makes a good mark and while he was talking, an analogy popped into my mind. Graphic Designers are like Lawyers. Preface: Before deciding to study Graphic Design, Law was something I was considering studying, I loved arguing and everyone said I would be a good lawyer but I had a problem with lying (or bending the truth) for a living and then what about representing someone who was clearly guilty? So the option of law died. Back to the analogy. Graphic Designers often have to modify their initial design to please the client…this modification usually means defacing the design in some way or another, much like bending the truth to make someone appear innocent in a court of law. As designers we sometimes have to do bad design to make money and like lawyers we have to choose whether we want to work for a “bad person” or not. Do we accept a million dollar project from a jerk or negative person in the community because it’s a million dollars?! It’s something to think about, which one matters more? Paying bills or moral standing?

I’m tired for now so I’ll leave you with that. Good night and stay tuned!

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