Nobody Owes You


Nobody owes us anything.

We are not owed anything from anyone.

Automatically, your brain goes “Ummm hell yes I am!” but hear me out. There’s been this theme of entitlement floating around lately, and we use words like “should”, “have to”, “better had” talking about our interactions with people in our lives. But if you really think about it, nobody owes you anything. It is not your right, and you do not deserve it. Whatever it may be.

We are given one thing. Life. The gift of life. And it is up to us how we use it. Your presence does not automatically entitle you to anything. At all.

What have you earned?

We say things like “That’s my best friend, she has to like me”, or “that’s family, we love each other no matter what”… Really though? You treat that person a certain way and in response you get a certain treatment back. You can’t be a bitch and expect love and compassion, no matter what. That’s insanity.

My point is the thing you were entitled to is life. You have that. And now it’s entirely up to you how that works out for you. Everything you do will have a consequence, be it good or bad. Every action you make will determine what happens next. And nobody owes you anything. So make the most of it. Be the best you possible. Be kind to people. Be patient. Be love. And remember that at the end of the day, your life is quite literally whatever you make it.

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Graphic Designer. Foodie. Drinker. Liver?

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