The End is Near!

Not of the world but my college career at SCAD Atlanta. I officially have one more quarter, 3 more courses, 15 more credits to attain before I am officially a college graduate! This is a scary thought. To think 4 years of my life has gone by so quickly! I feel as if 2008 was yesterday but it’s not. Although I may be a bit nervous at the thought of graduating I’m also excited and ready for new beginnings. I’m ready to see what the working world in design has to offer and what I have to offer it! And I’m so glad I got to meet all these amazing people I can now call friends and colleagues. I hope that absence makes our hearts grow fonder when we disperse and go to various places in the world in pursuit of our bright futures.

Published by ayrïd

Graphic Designer. Foodie. Drinker. Liver?

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