Why my head’s been covered since February…

While this is by no means a hair blog, it does have to do with my life sooooo here goes. I’ve been debating a hair change for some months now and after putting in lock extensions during Fall 2011 I decided I was going to lock my hair. Ever since then, I’ve second guessed every decision I made with my hair and have done so many things to it: cut it, relax it and colour it red. Finally I decided I was going to be natural again. SO my last relaxer to my hair was in December 2011 and I decided I wanted to start my locking process. So on February 4th I went to “start” my lock journey by getting my hair plaited. I must admit, seeing my head like this was very dissuading because it looked nothing like the process I had imagined or even anything close to the videos I’d watched. However I decided to stick it out and just wait and see what happens. A week later, all the plaits were loose and my hair started clumping. The relaxed part of my hair wasn’t staying together no matter how much I twisted it with locking gel. I ignored my hair for a bit, just washed it and twisted it every now and then. Now one month and a week later, it’s sectioned off more, and locking! I’m excited! I’m going to put back in the lock extensions for the duration of this process because I’m fed up on having my head wrapped or covered with a hat every time I go out! My appearance since February has been atrocious! But all for a greater good? Hahaha whatever it is I’m going to stick it out for once in my life and see what happens. Stay tuned!

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Graphic Designer. Foodie. Drinker. Liver?

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