Part 4: Participation

As part of the Unsettled month, each participant has the choice, the option of hosting a family dinner and hosting a workshop. This is not a mandatory thing. Family dinners are a weekly occurrence and workshops are carded for every Tuesday and Thursday over the course of the month. I say all these mundane details to say that this week I hosted a family dinner as well as hosted a workshop, one day after the other. I am truly beginning to believe that I’m addicted to being overworked and tired.

Monday (10): The Dinner

Because I am who I am, I sent out a designed invitation to the group for a dinner and menu that, in retrospect, I maybe did the most with. Much thanks to my friend and amazing chef, Brigette for helping me remotely or things may not have gone as smoothly.

The menu (and placemat I put together for the night):

I spent 7 hours in the kitchen on Monday with the help of some of my fellow Unsettler’s to prepare the meal. This was my first time cooking for so many people (23) and I am happy to report, Murphy did not show up, nothing went horribly wrong, and at dinner time, everyone really enjoyed the meal!

I travelled 4 days and 4 plane rides with a bottle of 1919 in a sealed duty free bag and finally used that to make a welcome drink we called Lit Lemonade. I also made pineapple chow, without shadon beni 😦 as my amuse-bouche, ha! Later on, I was “forced” to teach a dance class, and I’m once again grateful for Colin Lucas making life hella easy with Dollar Wine and Iwer Butterfly Shadow Wave. I also explained that these songs are outdated and asked that they please do not go up excitedly to a Trini and tell them they know about it. You’re welcome.

Tuesday (11): The Workshop

Then on to hosting a workshop: Personal Branding 101. Lots of folks are here working on personal projects, starting things, or trying to fix old things and branding was needed more than I anticipated. I co hosted this workshop with Matt from South Africa who works in marketing and gave some much needed tips on using LinkedIn to push your brand further.

I have never hosted a workshop before, and when I do things I’ve never done before I usually feel as though I’m not qualified enough to do it. But this workshop was different for some reason. It was literally me talking out loud about something I do every day and it made me realise that I should stop saying “I can’t” so often. Turns out, I had a lot of good tips to share that the room really appreciated. This was what I talked about for an hour and a half.

These 2 days while exhausting, were a huge ego boost because I heard so many good things in a short space of time about 2 very different “skill sets”. And it made me very uncomfortable. My therapist would tell me I need to allow myself to enjoy attention once in a while but I truly do not know how to accept a singular compliment, much less 22!

I’m working on it.

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