Yet Still I Rise…

I am happy to announce that I am out of that place I once was is my last post. I discovered that some exercise to release endorphins and creative talks from inspiring people are the medicine for any stuck-in-the-mud-cant-design-anymore disease. Glad I found the cure! Last week Friday I got the opportunity to attend Creative Mornings Atlanta and was inspired by Dwain Cox as he gave us a 30 minute talk on his experiences. Left there filled with free Chick-Fil-A and these tips:

#1 Listen and Help

#2 Be Truthful

#3Less is Better

#4 Find your Sweet Spot

Along with some other great stuff like “Build a relationship with your client” and “The World is Starving for Different.” Dwain recommended a book to read and I will be getting it soon (Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up). Then continuing the pattern I seemed to have started, today (Friday) was at yet another talk with a panel discussion this time. Scot Safon told us his interesting career path story and inspired me even more. Then with the Panel including creatives from Publicis New York, 22 squared, Weiden+Kennedy Portland and lots more discussed topics like technology and social media and even discussed my question on if Print Design is dead. ( I am pleased to announce that is ALIVE…thanks Steven for helping to keep it alive!)

Today’s talk was the follow up of SCAD Atlanta’s Out to Launch 2012, where seniors and graduates display their portfolios in their personalised booths and prospective employers come and view our work and possibly….HIRE US! It was hectic and tiring to say the least but also inspiring and motivating.


Now we wait and see.

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