Disclaimer: This is just a rant. Nothing more. Ever have one of those days, where you wake up and decide you’re going to do those things you’ve been putting off because things have finally aligned in the Universe and you have all the components you need to actually do the thing, and you’re excited andContinue reading “Frustration”

Why I’m taking back my weekends…

Being a yes man (woman) is great for business. Clients, scratch that, people love when they ask for something and can get it, no questions asked. For the past 5 years that’s how I’ve been conducting business. Once I have time, it doesn’t matter when or where, I can get your job done. This hasContinue reading “Why I’m taking back my weekends…”

Remember when…?

I stumbled upon this in my drafts from 2012. A fitting #tbt post as the sentiments expressed haven’t changed. SCAD Atlanta, 2012: A lot of my memory prior to the present period in my life is usually repressed so far back in time that I forget its existence. For example I’m in college now, soContinue reading “Remember when…?”

It’s been a while…

I’ve finally graduated and joined the working world. I’m interning at an outdoor furniture design studio in Atlanta, doing their graphic design work for the next 3 months. This new way of life will take some getting used to. I’m no longer labeled as “student”, the one consistent title I’ve had for the past 18Continue reading “It’s been a while…”