A Wreck.

I get really worked up on the topic of wrecking. I was triggered last night (this morning) so bear with me as I let this out. Let me start by saying I am fine with the concept of reciprocity for actions, and I am fine with being “punished” for doing some wrong. That being said,Continue reading “A Wreck.”

TTT: A Critique

Having been tagged in a couple posts, I’m taking a break from vacation to join the dialogue on the newly released logo for TTT. Disclaimer: The thoughts written below are purely my opinion as a graphic designer, based on a 4 year B.F.A. in Graphic Design education and a following 6 years of graphic designContinue reading “TTT: A Critique”

The not-so-VIP Experience

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash. Additional graphic by me.   How to define VIP? The acronym stands for Very Important Person and usually the VIP experience implies more privileges than the general experience. I went to watch Justice League, and chose the VIP experience as opposed to a bigger cinema with more people, longer wait lines, etc.Continue reading “The not-so-VIP Experience”


Whenever I return home from traveling, I usually compare a lot, reflect on what made me like where I  visited and how I could apply it to my everyday life. On my recent LONDON>PARIS>NEW YORK adventure, I walked, a lot. My calves were constantly burning, my feet were always sore but my iPhone pedometer hadContinue reading “Walking”

Mission Impossible

Last week during finals, I found out about a logo competition currently taking place in my home country, Trinidad. Naturally I want to enter but because of how late I found out about it…the deadline is this Friday! So I have 2 days to design a logo for Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th Anniversary of Independence.Continue reading “Mission Impossible”