Why I’m taking back my weekends…

Being a yes man (woman) is great for business. Clients, scratch that, people love when they ask for something and can get it, no questions asked. For the past 5 years that’s how I’ve been conducting business. Once I have time, it doesn’t matter when or where, I can get your job done. This hasContinue reading “Why I’m taking back my weekends…”

Music & Men

I’ve found myself without a vehicle and forced to join a large percentage of the Trini population: pedestrians (or as it is locally referred to: traveling). As much traffic as there is, I do think there are more citizens traveling than driving in this country (but that’s for another post all together). One morning, I gotContinue reading “Music & Men”

Remember when…?

I stumbled upon this in my drafts from 2012. A fitting #tbt post as the sentiments expressed haven’t changed. SCAD Atlanta, 2012: A lot of my memory prior to the present period in my life is usually repressed so far back in time that I forget its existence. For example I’m in college now, soContinue reading “Remember when…?”