So I just deleted my okcupid account. The relationship was bound to be over soon. I was bored, uninterested in anybody that messaged me and have discovered this online thing is just not my cup of tea. I need face to face human interaction and as much as I spend countless hours a day on Facebook or Skype communicating with people, that’s not enough.And the only reason I enjoy these communications is because I already know them! So i’ve learnt my lesson. I’ll stick to friends of friends and partying and random strangers who ask for my number for now. We’ll see what happens in the future. About to start a new blog!


Too Much?

How much is too much? How bold is too bold? How much are you willing to accept? How far do the boundaries of your comfort level stretch? I mean, going on an online dating website can be classified as a bold thing to do. Then how much are you willing to tolerate on this site from these people you do not know? I mean you’re already put in  a vulnerable situation: deciding how much information you can post about yourself, who are you opening yourself up to, is the picture really the person you’re talking to, what if you meet and he’s a rapist, etc etc etc…the list goes on. You finally make all of these decisions then begins the messaging! You have no control over what people chose to tell you about yourself or your profile. And you have no control over who finds you attractive! And even worse you have no control over the fact that the people attracted to you aren’t attractive and the people you’re attracted to aren’t interested. So begins the compromise!

But these messages you get from people who are interested…how much do you compromise? Do you still talk to a guy who  straight asks you to be his girlfriend without saying hi, or who invites you over after one message, or who thinks you’re sexy as hell and wants to know you more, or who asks you why you’re single cuz you’re gorgeous or who shows you half naked pictures of himself?! Like How bold is too bold? How much is too much and how much do you compromise in the quest for something that resembles that thing you see in every romance comedy that’s ever existed and all those songs that play on the radio on Valentine’s day?

I think it’s all becoming too much! Stay Tuned

It’s been a while…

So first pay respect to Robert Nester Marley even though I’m 3 hours too late!

I’ve been kind of ignoring okcupid, rarely checking it but I must say, the conversations have improved! Even though I have been asked to be a few guys’ girlfriend after only saying “HI” as well as invited out for drinks… I’m not sure if I’m ready to take.that.step. as yet!

And I must say these Quivers are just getting worse and worse…but mi amiga Alex has been getting more luck than me, she’s way more sociable and cake-alicious than me! lol

I’m a living contradiction: an advocate for the old school and old fashioned trying to use modern technology to …I don’t even know what I’m trying to do!



So there’s this thing called Quiver that shows you your top 3 matches aka guys who should make my “heart quiver”. *pause for dramatic effect* So this guy came up in my Quivers lol and I would love to know what about a guy who has the Battle of Endor from Star Wars Return of the Jedi on his upper left arm is going to make my heart quiver. It brought me great entertainment and just thought I’d share with you guys! Enjoy and Stay Tuned! Quiver Out!

Public Death Announcement for Conversation

So it’s day 2 of this “online dating” business and I am bored! These guys are boring! The art of communication and conversation is surely lost. So sad. “Hey” does not make me want to talk to you or make you seem interesting. *rolls eyes*

I may not last a week on this thing. My friend Alex has had better luck than me, I’m happy for her. But if nothing else I guess this a lovely learning experience. Rest in Peace Conversation.