Public Death Announcement for Conversation

So it’s day 2 of this “online dating” business and I am bored! These guys are boring! The art of communication and conversation is surely lost. So sad. “Hey” does not make me want to talk to you or make you seem interesting. *rolls eyes*

I may not last a week on this thing. My friend Alex has had better luck than me, I’m happy for her. But if nothing else I guess this a lovely learning experience. Rest in Peace Conversation.

The Beginning of…?

So, against the advice of most of the comments on my Facebook status, I decided to join an online dating site along with my friend Alex! I am a single, Trinidadian female currently studying in Atlanta and after being single (for forever) I decided I had seen enough eharmony, perfectmatch, etc. ads and thought “Why the heck not?!” So I will be blogging about my encounters (or lack thereof) on this site. The worst that could happen is I remain single…which I already am so I see at having nothing to lose! Stay tuned!

So far, I got 2 messages, none from anyone I’m interested in, but let the games begin!