Part 4: Participation

As part of the Unsettled month, each participant has the choice, the option of hosting a family dinner and hosting a workshop. This is not a mandatory thing. Family dinners are a weekly occurrence and workshops are carded for every Tuesday and Thursday over the course of the month. I say all these mundane detailsContinue reading “Part 4: Participation”

Part 3: Choice + Gratitude

Last week Thursday, we had a Cultural Q&A with our location managers Kelly & Alam and we learnt a bit (more like a lot for some of us) about Balinese culture. The word choice has stuck with me since then. A very brief, watered down summary is that families live in compounds that have housesContinue reading “Part 3: Choice + Gratitude”


Whenever I return home from traveling, I usually compare a lot, reflect on what made me like where I  visited and how I could apply it to my everyday life. On my recent LONDON>PARIS>NEW YORK adventure, I walked, a lot. My calves were constantly burning, my feet were always sore but my iPhone pedometer hadContinue reading “Walking”