Part 4: Participation

As part of the Unsettled month, each participant has the choice, the option of hosting a family dinner and hosting a workshop. This is not a mandatory thing. Family dinners are a weekly occurrence and workshops are carded for every Tuesday and Thursday over the course of the month. I say all these mundane detailsContinue reading “Part 4: Participation”

TTT: A Critique

Having been tagged in a couple posts, I’m taking a break from vacation to join the dialogue on the newly released logo for TTT. Disclaimer: The thoughts written below are purely my opinion as a graphic designer, based on a 4 year B.F.A. in Graphic Design education and a following 6 years of graphic designContinue reading “TTT: A Critique”

Why I’m taking back my weekends…

Being a yes man (woman) is great for business. Clients, scratch that, people love when they ask for something and can get it, no questions asked. For the past 5 years that’s how I’ve been conducting business. Once I have time, it doesn’t matter when or where, I can get your job done. This hasContinue reading “Why I’m taking back my weekends…”