I haven’t slept in over 30 hrs so here goes…

I decided to pull an all nighter for absolutely no reason at all and as a result, on this here “Valentine’s Day” I am exhausted, grumpier than I would be considering the day and feel the need to write a new post. SN: I went to see ‘The Vow’ with my female friend…worst decision ever…theContinue reading “I haven’t slept in over 30 hrs so here goes…”

I love my culture!

I went to Havanna Night Club with my friend last night and enjoyed further discoveries on my own culture. For those of you have never been, Havanna has a Latin room that plays mainly that type of music. Ever since I came to Atlanta and have been exposed to pure cultures such as Africans, Indians,Continue reading “I love my culture!”

The (re) start of something good!

So I previously decided to do a blog about an online dating experience I decided to try with a friend of mine. The thing didn’t last very long…let’s just say it crashed and burned! However, after going to my college’s student leadership conference today and listening to people talk about inspiring or recommended things, IContinue reading “The (re) start of something good!”