Client Corner Feature: Rawkus

Freshly home from college, trying very hard to meet new people, I was sitting outside a lounge in Woodbrook, Port of Spain one night (R.I.P. Rossco’s) and heard someone using design terms. My ears perked up and I found myself making small talk with a guy named Keegan Simon who had a local t-shirt brand called 1ndividual. Finally!!! I found a creative in the design world at home to hang out with. He invited me to his studio where I got to see his screen printing process (one of my close friends from college also screen printed tees so I felt a bit nostalgic at the time) and it was here that I met Jayron Rawkus Remy, this week’s client corner feature. I felt it important to highlight the random way in which meeting people leads to possibly meeting your next client. As his name suggests, this raucous individual was extremely passionate about culture and T&T, the place I just returned to and was quickly falling in love with all over again.

While visiting that same friend from college who designed and printed tees, Jayron reached out to brand an event that he was doing called HearTT. He had a logo done for the previous version of the event but didn’t like it. On reviewing the “logo” in question I realised it was a stock image and not an original piece of work. I asked Jayron if he was aware this was what the previous person did, and he was not. And thus began our 8 year long working relationship.

HearTT | 2015

Rawkus’ signature event: Throwback & Wine was created to highlight his style of djing, focusing on the older songs. In 2015 he did six events and 23 variations of events over the next 7 years.

Throwback & Wine | 2015

Pop Up & Wine | 2016

I am assuming Jayron enjoyed the process of working with me because after two years of events he asked me to create a logo for his brand name: RAWKUS. Some backstory is necessary, who is Jayron? Jayron Rawkus Remy is now a well known morning show host, beloved DJ, audio technician, producer, father, husband and a truly amazing friend. Jayron is the first client to 100% trust me as a designer and give me unlimited time to get it right. It took a year to get this logo. It took 3 rounds of multiple options and not getting it right before I finally created something that he loved. Something that would represent all these various aspects of his profession, something that would make people take “a dj” seriously. Finally at the end of 2016, to start the year in 2017, we had a new brand.

Rawkus Logo | 2017

Throwback and Wine | 2017

Throwback & Wine | 2018

Events | 2019

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In 2020, the pandemic affected physical events but did not stop Jayron who came up with Stay Home and Wine.

Stay Home and Wine | 2020

In 2022, when restrictions lifted, we got a chance to meet in person again.

Throwback and Wine | 2022

And we just had the first Carnival version of Throwback for the ‘mother of all Carnivals’.

Throwback & Wine | 2023

When I went to college I looked down on event artwork. In 2008-2012 party flyers featured stolen images on popular women, lots of flares and filters before filters was a thing. It was tacky. It was sexist. I was not interested in being a part of that design world. I’m glad I didn’t say no to ALL event related artwork or I would never have had the opportunity to work with Jayron on all of these events that created a space for people to be and feel free, even if it’s only for 4 hours. I learnt so much more about Trinidad’s musical history from attending these events than I could ever have learnt elsewhere. It’s because of Jayron I now know the infamous song to close and event that will also close this post.


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