Part 2: I am here…


I have been in Bali for roughly 3 days. Just needed to say that out loud first.

So it took me 4 days and 4 planes to get here. A total of 30 hours in the sky and roughly 15 hours in airports. I took so long to write this because I have been EXHAUSTED. I definitely underestimated how tiring traveling these distances with my heavy personal bag and 1 carry on to last me a month would be. I am a master plane sleeper meaning as soon as I hit the seat and buckle up I am able to knock out for the entire duration of the flight, usually waking up when the pilot announces the start of the descent. I messed up because in my overnight in London, I slept for 20 hours thus using up all my sleep for the 2 remaining flights. Before I shut up about flying, I should also mention that my first flight was delayed an hour, and my second flight was delayed (after boarding), due to a thunderstorm, for almost 3 hours. I, of course, slept. All this is to say, I feel like it took a lot to get here.

I arrived on Sunday night at 11 pm, finally got to the Unsettled Villa, Kertiyasa closer to 1 am, where I was greeted, given my key and welcome package and sent to my room, my home for the next month. Even in the dark, the place looked magical. My mother claims it looks like somewhere in Tobago, but we won’t listen to that kind of negativity (or positivity, depending on how you look at it lol).


I will admit, I was put off by the paint colour in my room, it’s that mint, light green we use in Trinidad a lot in public buildings, schools, clinics, etc. and it’s a colour that does not bring me joy. White walls would’ve been fine. And at 1:30 in the morning, my first shower in Bali was ice cold. Finally got to bed around 2 am, only for my body to decide 4 am was a good time to be awake. So let’s just say I was not happy to be here at first. The first day was rough. Sleepy, cold water, green walls. #irritated

I later found out that I need to let the water run for roughly 10-15 minutes before my shower gets hot. My solution: Fill up my bathtub every day and have a full on bath. (Random fact: Bathtubs make me happy.)

The group of us 18 women and 2 men (bless their souls) are so diverse it’s insane that we can all get along in close quarters for a month, or even that we all ended up in the same place at the same time, by choice. A question that keeps popping up is “What are you most excited about?” and my answer is always: Seeing who I will be on June 30th. I do not have a list (or want suggestions) of things I need to do while I’m here, I am not most excited about hiking the volcano (even though that will be happening in a couple weeks and I am looking forward to it), I’m here for personal development and the activities, adventures, family dinners, etc are all towards something bigger.

So here’s a quick recap so far:

Monday (3): Orientation

We met each other, did some ice breaker type activities and “getting to know you” uncomfortable things. Then we got a tour of Outpost, the co-working space we have a month membership to for 24/7 access for working . It’s perfect. It’s also where I’ll be doing all of the projects I’m working on this month. After this I ate an amazing meal at a restaurant near by and then passed out for 10 hours.


Tuesday (4): Explore

I finally did some work on Tuesday morning at Outpost, then I went to learn how to ride a scooter bike. For some reason, I hated it. I felt the same way I feel before jumping off the top of a waterfall where I have to convince myself it’s not that bad or scary, but my heart is racing a mile a minute and I’m just forcing myself to do the thing for the experience. I had all intentions of renting a scooter for the month I’m here so I can go where I want when I want. That plan has changed. I will be walking and paying drivers. (I’m sure my mother will be happy.)


After the lesson, I went to one of the swings. I’m not sure why these swings are a thing, like how they became associated with Bali, but it was an exhilarating (at times terrifying) experience. I had the most committed, animated swing pusher ever! It was interesting how many people came dressed up in flowing dresses and full make up for this IG worthy spot. All in all it reminded me of The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1767).


Later on we had our Welcome Dinner at this beautiful space where we got to set our intentions for this month. Then we drank a lot and sang a lot and had a good time.

Today, I work before the first of our weekly Lunch & Learn sessions and then maybe I’ll go finally take a swim in one of the 2 pools we have access to. Or maybe not. I have no plans and I like it like that. That’s all for now!

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