A Wreck.


I get really worked up on the topic of wrecking. I was triggered last night (this morning) so bear with me as I let this out.

Let me start by saying I am fine with the concept of reciprocity for actions, and I am fine with being “punished” for doing some wrong.

That being said, I have a serious problem with wrecking in Port of Spain and environs. I can understand it when someone is blocking a driveway, that is a hindrance, and you’re now inconveniencing, even jeopardising another person’s life. But hear me out here. We take for granted in Trinidad that everyone has somebody. As a single, only child, female driver who lives alone, as an individual that hates asking for help, and as a person that goes out alone at night often, I take comfort in the fact that I can jump in my car and go home. The wrecking service is a direct attack on that comfort.

Where is the educational aspect of this wrecking? Where can I find information on where I can and cannot park, when there are no visible signs or indications at the actual location but I am expected to know road regulatory rules? Why are you enforcing something that is impossible for the other person to know that they are breaking the law?

A friend got wrecked this morning and at 4:00 am, outside the impound lot, an officer on the phone tells me there is no way to get the vehicle before 9:00 am. He is defensive when I ask him why are they doing this. I have to remind him several times that I am not saying he personally did this, but when you answer the phone you are a representation of the service/company/institution and it is your job to act as such.

Let’s say I went out alone, and my phone battery died. I was the last person to leave the event and I walk to see my car is not there. I spent all my cash at the event, my bank card is at home. I have my license, a dead phone and my keys. What now?

You are enforcing a law that has the possibility of endangering lives, taxing people $500 in a time when Trinis don’t have $5 to spare, and petty crime is increasing because of the financial climate, and you still cannot educate me on where I can and cannot park because you want me, a citizen, to park incorrectly without my knowledge so you can take my money. How is this okay?

Issue tickets, where I can go to court and make a case, stop stealing my property!

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