Solo Travel

Being a solo traveler is like being sober at the club while everyone else is drunk. A little less fun but you’re in complete control of your choices and your experience and it’s up to you to enjoy yourself or not. Having travelled to 2 foreign language countries alone, I get to talk less and observe a lot more. Whether at the Eiffel tour or Christ Redeemer, tourists with company are the same, all focused on the photos. As a solo traveler it always shocks me to see this in such excess. And it forces me to appreciate the place even more.

There are things you can’t capture on “film”. The thinness of the air as you ascend. The drop in temperature. The feeling of being among the clouds. The smell. The god like feeling to look down and see everything so small below. The awe of the space. The spirit. The energy of the creators, architects, engineers. There is something special in each of these places and when we’re so focused on capturing, we forget to just sit and enjoy. Parisians reminded me of this. At the jardines, there are chairs around the ponds, and people are just sitting, doing various versions of nothing. Just enjoying the space as is.



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