A Week for the Books!

So I’ve been thinking that I need to start back at this thing…for quite some time now…but this week just didn’t make it an option anymore.

Quick life update since last I blogged: I’m in Trinidad, living at home with mom (temporarily). So many things happened in between but those are lost stories…on to the more recent.

On Sunday night I got a grand total of 14 bites on my legs from invisible insects. (writing this now compared to everything else that’s happened since, it seems so minor, but at the time it was a big deal, especially since I’m allergic to insect bites) So I started off the week all itchy and swollen! Went out with my friend on Tuesday night for some Sushi and well everything since then has just been a downhill sprint.

Side note/not really a side note: I saw Temptation after the Sushi and I blame that movie more for the sickness that occurred the following day than my sushi! (Yes it was that bad!)

Wednesday morning I was greeted with pains and scenes from an exorcism as anything I digested the day before made its way out of my body through the two optional emergency exits! This continued all day. The doctor’s diagnosis was gastroenteritis (not food poisoning as I called it).

Thursday and Friday followed in a similar pattern to Wednesday, with less exiting and more intaking of medication. And on Friday evening this crazy female decided she was well enough to continue with her plans and go to Tobago Jazz Festival as had been planned since last year! Well as we landed in Tobago so too did the rain, and it seemed determined to spend our entire trip with us. Bucket a drop, Friday night, the girls ventured out, I stayed in, holding my stomach and hoping I feel better in the morning. The next day brought more rain, a failed trip to a waterfall we couldn’t go near to and an early night to bed due to parties being cancelled because of the weather.

Now it’s Sunday! And the rain is finally not falling! And tonight is the concert we came to see with India Arie performing! I woke up early to go to the beach…lifeguards are not allowing swimming due to rough waters. Checkout is in 2 hours and we have at least 3 hours before anything starts at the concert venue. This week/weekend has been eventful to say the least! I’ll call it character building and super woman training…let’s hope the rain doesn’t come back!

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