The summer is just about over and I spent it all in Atlanta. I experienced lots of firsts: my first time not going back to Trinidad for “summer”, my first birthday not spent at home, my first time working full time for 3 months and having to go to work on my birthday…all part of growing up I assume.

I must admit though, I did enjoy my birthday a lot and truly appreciate all the people who made an effort to spend it with me. I had a “lime” (get together/gathering of people) at my friend’s apartment, where I am currently crashing until I repatriate (HA!) at the end of the month, and I cooked and my newly acquainted friends (as in of the past four years) joined me and celebrated my birthday with me. I can honestly say I was truly happy.


Meanwhile on the work front, I’m in my 3rd and final month at my internship, it’s truly been an eye opener to the world of work and if it has taught me nothing else, I’ve learnt the discipline of waking up early and being responsible because I made a commitment and had somewhere to be at a specific time. Sounds a lot easier than it was/is. I’ve also learnt (again) that the things that come as second nature to me and seem simple or common sense equates to quantum physics to others and I have to hone my patience and understanding with such people. This is a work in progress.

I’m looking forward to the future and what ever it may have in store for me. I’m ready for some change, for a new challenge, a new opportunity, a chance to do something new and different and be part of something amazing. I hope this opportunity comes my way and I don’t let it pass me by in a disguise.

Stay tuned for hopefully sooner updates.

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