I don’t know what to call it…

I had quite an eventful past couple of days! I guess the highlight would be the Career Fair! It was a beautiful disaster at first. I went home around 1:30am that Friday morning and got caught up in my duties as Community Assistant at the residence hall, including an entertaining trip to the hospital. Got back home around 4am…have to get ready to get on the bus at 5am to go to Savannah for the Career Fair. My phone is dead, my laptop is dead, the iPad is dead…NOTHING IS CHARGED!! So I plug in everything, get ready and make it to the bus with 5 minutes to spear if you can believe. Everything still isn’t charged fully but it will do. I fall asleep on the bus….and wake up 4 hours later as we are pulling up in front of the conference centre! I haven’t changed my clothes, I haven’t uploaded my portfolio to my iPad…I am just not prepared!  However, small mercies exist in the world and after about 2 hours of scrambling, panicking and almost giving up and not interviewing with anyone…I met a fellow Trinidadian who saved my life or at least my future career by helping me and I was prepared and ready!

The companies I spoke to were awesome! What blew me away the most was how impressed people were with my portfolio and my work (http://ayridchandler.com/). I got a serious ego booster this Friday in Savannah. I don’t regret going at all…and while I wish I were better prepared I had a great time and it was another experience to put under my belt.


P.S. I made leave behinds that impressed them all lol….

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