I love my culture!

I went to Havanna Night Club with my friend last night and enjoyed further discoveries on my own culture. For those of you have never been, Havanna has a Latin room that plays mainly that type of music. Ever since I came to Atlanta and have been exposed to pure cultures such as Africans, Indians, Malaysians, Chinese, British,etc it made me realise how extremely awesome my own Trinidadian culture is. With all of these different people from around the world, I know something from their culture because it is a part of my own. I think that is extremely amazing for 1.3 million populated country to have a mixture of most of the major cultures that make up the majority of the world we live in. But back to Havanna, so my love for my own culture increased again last night when I heard the music in the Latin room and realised that the rhythms and beats were similar to Soca, a genre of music from Trinidad and the Caribbean. I love these discoveries.

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